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I have listened to a lot of local bands over the years and i honestly must say, you guys have the highest
energy level and the sound is completely awesome. the music is outstanding and i hope to here more
outa you guys in the coming weeks and years. keep up the good work and keep shelling out the tunes.
You guys play a large variety of music and you play each style just as good as the next. I'm a musician
and I have seen a lot of bands, but none that can play such a wide variety so well. Your sound is

You guys kick butt!

You guys got it going on!!!  Love the new song!!
Abury and Cha Cha
You played at our party and did a great job! We want you back this year!           
Digital Fusion Inc.
We have seen every band in Huntsville and you guys are the

I'll be out to see you this Friday Night! Can't wait to see the
best band in town!!!
You guys rock!!! You have a great set list of varied material.
Your band is the best! Nobody draws a bigger
crowd to the dance floor at Lee Ann's.
You guys play the widest variety of material of any band in Huntsville and your bands energy and show is
second to none.

Best Party Band In Huntsville!!
Crush Rocked The House at The Station last Friday!
The Nurses
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